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EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Information extraction from complex data sets (INF)

14-17 September 2009,

Organisers: D Wild, S Mukherjee, Z Ghahramani (Cambridge)

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A key feature that distinguishes the modern approach to Systems Biology is the aim of linking modelling of the interactions of system components with the huge volume and diversity of contemporary cellular and molecular data, such as that coming from high-throughput, genome-wide and imaging technologies. In non-biological contexts there has also been an increasing demand in recent years for analysis of high-dimensional structured data streams, as well as for the analysis of dynamic processes on and over large-scale graphs and networks. One major focus of the workshop will be the development of methods for biological network inference, tackling the issues of data integration, correlated measurements, sampling and approximate methodologies, multi-task learning, and biological realism of the models. This workshop is scheduled shortly before NET, which will facilitate overlap of participants and synergy. A key goal will be to facilitate the interaction of experimental biologists who generate and use complex high-dimensional data with theoreticians experienced in data analysis. This workshop will also build upon the “High Dimensional Statistics in Biology” workshop held at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge in April 2008, which had a focus on genome organization.

Confirmed speakers include:

Z. Bar-Joseph (CMU, USA)

M. Girolami (Glasgow, UK)

C. Holmes (Oxford, UK)

D. Husmeier (Edinburgh, UK)

N. Lawrence (Manchester, UK)

J. Leskovec (Stanford, USA)

G. Sanguinetti (Sheffield, UK)

E. Schadt (Pacific Biosciences, USA)

R. Silva (UCL, UK)

J. Skilling (MEDC, Ireland)

M. Stumpf (Imperial, UK)

S. Tavaré (Cambridge, UK)

J. Winn (Microsoft, UK)

E. Xing (CMU, USA)

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