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Former staff

name status with us next or currently
Dr Mauro Mobilia 2006-8 Fellow of Swiss National Science Foundation Lecturer, Leeds Univ.
Dr Gunnar Pruessner 2006 RCUK Academic Fellow Lecturer, Imperial College
Dr Ellak Somfai 2007-12 Assistant Professor Physics and Complexity  
Dr Sach Mukherjee
2007-12 EPSRC Assistant Professor Statistics and Complexity Netherlands Cancer Institute
Dr Simon Spencer
Stats/ Complexity Post-doc.
Warwick Stats/ WCAS
Dr Mario Nicodemi 2007-11 Assistant Professor Physics and Complexity University of Napoli

Monica Lucena

2009-11 Administrator Siena, Italy
Dr Igor Khovanski
2010-11 CO903 Module Leader

Dr Simon Spencer

2010-12 Post doc
Warwick Statistics/ WCAS
Dr Jon Armond 2010-12 Post doc
Warwick Systems Biology Centre
Dr Leon Danon   Queen Mary University London
Dr Piotr Slowinski 2012-2013 University of Exeter
Dr Adnan Ali 2012-2013 Post doc Citibank
Dr Abd-Nacer Bouchekima postdoc  
Jenny Bowskill 2012-14 Administrator Academic Registrar's Office
Dr Thomas House   University of Manchester
Dr Charo del Genio 2012-15 CO923 Module Leader, Erasmus Mundus Admissions Coordinator  
Dr Emre Esenturk Postdoc Multisystems integration of advanced manufacturing processes  
Dr Ashley Ford Postdoc MCMC inference for epidemics and models for heterogeneous contacts