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Former staff

name status with us next or currently
Dr Mauro Mobilia 2006-8 Fellow of Swiss National Science Foundation Lecturer, Leeds Univ.
Dr Gunnar Pruessner 2006 RCUK Academic Fellow Lecturer, Imperial College
Dr Ellak Somfai 2007-12 Assistant Professor Physics and Complexity  
Dr Sach Mukherjee
2007-12 EPSRC Assistant Professor Statistics and Complexity Netherlands Cancer Institute
Dr Simon Spencer
2010 - 2012 Stats/ Complexity Post-doc.
Warwick Stats/ WCAS
Dr Mario Nicodemi 2007-11 Assistant Professor Physics and Complexity University of Napoli

Monica Lucena

2009-11 Administrator Siena, Italy
Dr Igor Khovanski
2010-11 CO903 Module Leader
Dr Jon Armond 2010-12 Post doc
Warwick Systems Biology Centre
Dr Leon Danon   Queen Mary University London
Dr Piotr Slowinski 2012-2013 University of Exeter
Dr Adnan Ali 2012-2013 Post doc Citibank
Dr Abd-Nacer Bouchekima Postdoc  
Jenny Bowskill 2012-14 Administrator Academic Registrar's Office
Dr Thomas House 2012-2014 Assistant Professor University of Manchester
Dr Charo del Genio 2012-15 CO923 Module Leader, Erasmus Mundus Admissions Coordinator Visiting Faculty, School life Sciences, University of Warwick
Dr Emre Esenturk Postdoc Multisystems integration of advanced manufacturing processes  
Dr Ashley Ford Postdoc MCMC inference for epidemics and models for heterogeneous contacts  
Dr Lisa Flatley Postdoc Integrated, Market-fit and Affordable Grid-scale Energy Storage  
Dr Benjamin Graham 2013-2016 Assistant Professor Statistics (Warwick Zeeman Lectureship) Research Scientist, Facebook
Dr Samuel Johnson 2014-2017 Assistant Professor Mathematics and Complexity (Warwick Zeeman Lectureship) Lecturer in applied Mathematics, University of Birmingham
Dr Annabelle Ballesta 2015-2018 Assistant Professor, Warwick Systems Biology Centre ATIP-avinir Team Leader, INSERM, France