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James Porter

New website for James Porter

I have started a new website, accessible via the above link. As of early 2013 it is rather incomplete, but should eventually supersede these pages. I expect Warwick will keep these pages indefinitely, but I will probably be unable to update them soon.


This is my (James Porter's) academic website from my PhD. I graduated with a PhD in Economics and Complexity Science in 2013.

I started a job as a Research Fellow at City University London in June 2012 working on the EC funded CRISIS Project which is builidng a new computational macro-financial model for policy makers. My research includes both agent-based modelling and empirical financial analysis.

I've developed some Android Apps (two Apps featured by Google, over 200,000 downloads as of mid 2012).

At Warwick

My research focused on decentralised out-of-equilibrium Economic modelling with Sayantan Ghosal (Warwick Department of Economics). Co-supervised by Nathan Griffiths from Warwick Department of Computer Science. Included work on economic modelling, agent-based modelling, international development and dynamic models of development.

You are here because...

You want to find out about my research.

I have some information below. I've done work on out-of-equilibrium economic modelling, dynamics of development and aspiration and more generally connecting Complexity and development.

You want to read something interesting.

The following blogs are interesting and accessible:

Flowing Data

Felix Salmon (Reuters)

Marginal Revolution

Dan Ariely 

Aid on the Edge of Chaos

You are thinking of studying Complexity Science (at Warwick).

I have a small section about Complexity Science in general including an extremely informative video (which I produced/directed/edited/...).

My Doctoral Resarch

My recent work was on two main areas: a dynamic model development and a agent-based modelling project.

I have written a report for the United Kingdom Collaborative on Development Sciences on Complexity Science and International Development and gave a presentation to representatives from various funding bodies, NGOs and international development organisations.

My previous work looked at an out-of-equilibrium model of trading both from an analytical angle, deriving asymptotic results, and numerical angle. I presented this work in Paris and at the RES Annual Conference 2011.

The rest...

The site is divided into the following sections:

Conferences and Other Research Events

The conferences and other research events I've attended. In many cases with links to the event.


A collection of photos related to Complexity/Warwick University.

A photo of campus Complexity Retreat Coventry DTC (on left)

Useful Links and References

A collections of websites and resources which I've found useful.

Downloadable Files

Source code and other useful files.


Postal Address:
James Porter
Centre for Complexity Science
Zeeman Building
University of Warwick

Link at the bottom of the page.


LinkedIn Profile

Below images from EPSRC DTC Conference 2010; I was on organising committee.

Some posters