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Conferences and Other Research Events

Below are some of the events I have attended or am planning on attending:

11th-13th December 2007

Mathematics of Evolutionary Dynamics (WMI, Warwick)

18th February 2008

Statistical Complexity (MIR@W, Warwick)

June 2008

Warwick Complexity DTC Retreat

9-11th September 2008

Emergence in Complex Systems (BICS, Bath)

17th November 2008

Traffic modelling and applications (MIR@W, Warwick)

19th January 2009

Out of Equilibrium Markets (MIR@W, Warwick)

18-22nd May 2009

CRETA Minicourse: Empirical Content of General Equilibrium Models.

1st June 2009

Reputational models in economics (MIR@W, Warwick)

8-10th July 2009

Joint DTC Retreat (Hatherley Manor, Gloucester) [organised schedule]

21-25th September 2009

European Conference on Complex Systems 2009 [presented poster]

24th February 2010

International Climate Policy after Copenhagen

8th March 2010

Mathematics in Industry: Countdown to the Warwick Study Group

22nd-26th March 2010

CRETA/Marie Curie Conference in Honour of Peter Hammond

6th-9th April 2010

OCCAM Mathematical Modelling Camp (Oxford)

12th-16th April 2010

European Study Group (Mathematics in Industry)

14th-17th April 2010

EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Game theory for finance, social and biological sciences (MIR@W, Warwick)

19-20th April 2010

CRETA-IAS Worshop on "Competition and Cooperation" (Warwick)

20th-22nd April 2010

Ecology, epidemiology and evolution (MIR@W, Warwick) (Cancelled due to volcano)

22-23rd July 2010

EPRSC Joint DTC Student Conference [organiser] 

27th October 2010

Gave Complexity Forum Presentation.

5-8th January 2011

Attended Winter School in Network Theory and Applications (Warwick)

13-14th January 2011

EconomiX International Workshop: The Foundations, Definitions and Usages of Perfect Competition (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre a la Défense)

Presented paper.

14-16th April 2011

Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference 2011

[Presented paper and chaired Complexity track.]

18-20th April 2011

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2011 (Royal Holloway)

[Presented paper.]

27-28th January 2011

Modelling Individual and Interactive Decision Processes (Warwick)