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Download QED

To install QED, download one of the following :

To run QED, we provide a small sample dataset of six images ( GMR and GMR; tau eyes ). The documentation explains how to install and run QED.


  • You must reboot your computer after the installation, or an error will be returned.
  • Please be patient the first time you launch QED. There are several files that require extracting, which may take a minute. As soon as this is finished, QED will open.

Quick-Start Guide :

  • Download the QED Installer for Windows above and run it. Download the sample dataset and extract it.
  • The installation will prompt you to install various components. Accept and install them, then restart your computer.
  • Run QED from either the Start Menu or your Desktop shortcut. Please note that during the first run, it may take QED up to one minute to appear.
  • Browse to the directory where you extracted the sample dataset and select this directory.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

QED is currently available for Windows only. A Linux version is under development.

Please note that QED will install the Matlab Redistributable Compiler Runtime tools. This is the longest part of the installation, and is required for QED to work, unless you have a recent version of MATLAB installed.