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Knotted Twisted Rings


Trefoil Generator C++ Code to generate a (double) Trefoil knotInitial Knotted Twisted Ring

Lammps Input Gen C++ Code to generate Initial_input

Initial_input LAMMPS initial Input for a (pathcy) knotted polymer ring

Phase1 LAMMPS script to start a twisted knotted Ring using Initial_input

Run LAMMPS script to run the twisted knotted Ring

Initial Configuration (Snapshot)

Equilibrated Configuration (Snapshot)

Name Description Last Updated
knotgenerator.c 10/02/13
lammps_input_knots_closed_pathcy.c 10/02/13
topoii_ph1.lam 10/02/13
topoii_run.lam 10/02/13
trefoil_lammps_patchy.out 10/02/13
trefoil.patchy.f.eps 10/02/13
trefoil.patchy.f.jpg 10/02/13
trefoil.patchy.o.eps 10/02/13
trefoil.patchy.o.jpg 10/02/13