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Thomas Rafferty

I am currently a PhD student on the Complexity Science Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Warwick. My supervisors are Stefan Grosskinsky and Paul Chleboun.

Here is a link to my CV.

PhD Outline

Here is a link to my PhD project proposal: PhD. Things might have changed since I wrote this. However, the general hopes and dreams are still the same.

I obtained a distinction in the MSc year of the Doctoral Training Programme which included two mini projects detailed below.


Mini Project 2

  • Driven diffusive systems and growing stationary configurations.
  • Supervisors: Paul Chleboun and Stefan Grosskinsky.

We study attractive particle systems with stationary product measures. We utilize the property of attractivity and its link to coupling to build a growth process that samples from the stationary measure of the zero-range process, on fixed and finite lattices, with computation times scaling linearly with the number of particles N.

The zero-range process with constant jump-rates and a single defect site is known to exhibit a condensation transition, and we use L independent continuous time birth-processes to sample from the stationary measure that exhibits condensation. The birth-rate of the defect site is a time inhomogeneous process, where the intensity function (or time integrated birth-rate) exhibits the property of finite-time-blow-up. For this process, finite-time-blow-up implies that innitely many events can occur in a finite window of time.

Here is a link to the project report: msc_project_2.

Mini Project 1

  • Political evolution: Modelling the spread of opinions through a network with a given degree distribution on a static and dynamic network.
  • Supervisors: Alexandros Karlis, Matthew Turner and Charo I. del Genio.

Here is a link to the project report: msc_project_1. The report is a little long but contains some excellent pictures (In my opinion).


  • 2008-2011: BSc Mathematics, University of Warwick, graduated with 1st Class honours.
  • 2012-2013: MSc Complexity Science, University of Warwick, graduated with a distinction.


  • Teaching assistant - Topics in Interacting Particle Systems - Spring 2015 & 2016.
  • Teaching assistant - Markov Processes and Percolation Theory - Spring 2014.
  • Lab assistant - Big Data Analytics for MSc Finance students - Spring 2016.
  • Supervisor - 1st year Discrete Maths students - 2015-2016.
  • Supervisor - 1st year Math/Physics students - 2013-2015.

My face

Email 1: t.rafferty at

Email 2: tkrafferty at

Office: D2.17, Zeeman Building