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Posters and Presentations

This page links to various the various presentations I have given throughout my MSc and PhD at Warwick Complexity.

Coventry_Poster - Poster presented at the conference Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena at Coventry University - April 2014.

Saint_Flour_Presentation - Presentation for the Summer School in Probability in Saint Flour - July 2015.

Warsaw_Presentation - Presentation for the Summer School in Probability in Warsaw - June 2015.

Paris Poster - Poster presented during the Interacting Particle Systems and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics workshop at the Institut Henri Poincare, Paris - March 2015.

YRM_Poster_2014 - Poster presented at the YRM conference at the University of Warwick - June 2014.

Retreat_Presentation - Presentation for the Complexity annual retreat at St Briavels castle in Gloucestershire, England.

I presenteded at the 100th European Study Group with Industry ESGI_100 on a project with Pall Corporation. A link to all presentations can be found here ESGI_Presentations. Our presentation is found here ESGI_Pall_Presentation.

PhD_Talk_1 - First PhD talk.

MSc_Presentation - MSc Presentation.