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Jim Skinner

I have subitted my Thesis and am currently transitioning form PhD to PostDoc, and my new page is hosted here.

I am a final year PhD student interested in Machine Learning and Data Science, particularly with applications to medicine. I am supervised by Rich Savage (primary) and James Covington (secondary).

I am working with data from the Electronic Nose, using the "smell" of biological samples (blood, breath, stool, etc) to classify diseased from healthy patients. My research is to develop machine learning algorithms to get the most from this data, utilising our prior knowledge of the machine and the problem to produce novel statistical/machine learning tools.

I am interested in job opportunities (academic and non-academic); my CV is available here.


R packages

stpca: PPCA with a prior on the covariance structure. Reports a Gaussian posterior instead of a point estimate.

gpclassifier: A simple S4 Gaussian Process Classifier package for R.


Jim Skinner
Room D1.13
Centre for Complexity Science
Zeeman Building
Universty of Warwick



Warwick Machine Learning Reading Group