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Students 2013 Intake

Students 2013 intake


Alex Bishop

Background: Physics


Robert Eyre

Background: Theoretical Physics


Janis Klaise

Background: Mathematics

Stamatios Katsikas

Background: Applied Mathematics


Jason Lewis

Backgorund: Physics


Michael Pearce

Background: Mathematics & Physics


Jeremy Reizenstein

Background: Mathematics


James Skinner

Background: Computer Science

Former Complexity Students (2013 Intake)


Conor Finn

Background: Physics

Conor graduated with an MSc in Complexity Science with a Merit in 2014. Conor then when on to do a PhD in 'Identifying the synergistic information interactions of distributed computation in complex systems' at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Sam Parr

Background: Physics



Jessica Talbott

Background: Mathematical Medicine & Biology

Jessica graduated with an MSc in Complexity Sceince in 2014.



Jeroen Van Lidth De Jeude

Background: Applied Physics

Jeroen graduated with an MSc in Complexity Science with a Distinction in 2014. Jeroen then went on to do a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Warwick.