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2011/12 miniproject assignments


Notes: Slot-1: late March to mid June
  Slot-2: mid June to mid September




Name Slot Supervisor Co-supervisor Title
Peter Dawson slot-1 Michael Tildesley (Maths) Ellen Brooks Pollock (External) Modelling disease spread on partially observed networks
slot-2 Gavin Bell (Physics) Paul Mulheran (External) Monte Carlo modelling of nanocluster growth on graphene
Dominic Kerr slot-1 Matt Keeling (Maths) Thomas House (Maths) Spread of Crazes
slot-2 Thomas Hills (Psychology) Search and the Evolution of Extremism in Social Networks
Yuri Lifanov slot-1 Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths) Ellak Somfai (Physics) Spatial competition in growing populations with selective pressure
slot-2 Dr David Quigley (Physics) Partial disorder in lattice models of crystal growth
Tom Machon slot-1 Matthew Turner (Physics)   Swarming in fish
slot-2 Gareth P Alexander (Physics) Knotted disclinations
Michael Maitland slot-1 Quentin Caudron (Complexity) Michael Tildesley (Maths) Zombie Dynamics: Optimal Learning in Agent-Based Models with Dynamic Environment
slot-2 Matt Keeling (Maths) Ecological Coupled Lattice Models
Michael Mehmi slot-1 Thomas Hills (Psychology) Gordon Brown (----) The Evolution of Personality in Complex Social Environments
slot-2 Martin Kunc (WBS)   Doing Research in Strategic Management using NK models
Davide Michieletto slot-1 Yulia Timofeeva (Computer Science)   Exploring gap junction location and density in a network of model neurons with resonant dendrites
slot-2 Matthew Turner (Physics)
Topological glasses
Arran Tamsett slot-1 Rosemary Harris (QMUL) Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths) Adsorption-desorption models and catalytic surface processes
slot-2 Robert MacKay (Maths)   Hierarchical clustering
Dario Papavassiliou slot-1 Keith Briggs (BT) Dario Spano (Statistics) Phylogenetics of the Germanic languages
slot-2 Gareth P Alexander (Physics) Collective motility under self-diffusiophoresis
Ellen Webborn slot-1 Bridget Hartley, Stuart Moore (Nat Grid) Prof. Juergen Branke (WBS) Optimising Gas Engineer Locations
slot-2 Matt Keeling (Maths) Andrew Easton (Biological Sciences) Modelling Defective Interference for Influenza
Rachel Wilkerson slot-1 Sach Mukherjee (NKI) Robert MacKay (Maths) Causal inference in dynamical systems
slot-2 Leon Danon (Maths)   Potentially transmissible contacts from mobile phone call data records: a percolation approach
Arturo Leos Zamorategui slot-1 Yulia Timofeeva (Computer Science)   Network of motoneurons with mixed-mode oscillatory dynamics
Evgeny Ryskin slot-1 Robert MacKay (Maths)
N.Beale (External) Financial regulation
Fengchong Wang slot-1 Sach Mukherjee (NKI)
Tom Nichols (Statistics) High-dimensional genome analysis
Karlis Goba slot-1 Prof Christopher James (WMG)   Assessing behaviour of C. elegans through video analysis using a worm tracking system
Stefan Ugliano slot-1 Colm Connaughton (Maths)   Coherent structures and turbulence in two-dimensional hydrodynamics
Omer Yuksel slot-1 Leon Danon (Maths)
  Emergence and evolution of community structure in Rock music
Jude Fletcher slot-1 Prof. Juergen Branke (WBS)   Evolving Dispatching Rules for Parallel Machines


EM 2 projects

Defne Askar
Supervisor: Thomas House (, Maths & Life Sciences
Title: Patterns of Human Mobility in UK

Aditya Challa
Supervisor: Vassili Kolokoltsov (, Statistics
Title: Insurance Models

Aleksandar Jacimovic
Supervisor: Alexander Mihailov (, Economics
Title: European financial and monetary integration

Minsu Kim
Supervisors: Penelope Hancock (, Life Sciences
Leon Danon (, Mathematics
Title: Modelling the spread of Wolbachia bacteria in mosquito vectors of human diseases

Korsuk Sirinukunwattana
Supervisor: Nasir Rajpoot (, Computer Science
Title: Classification of carcinoma

Yan Zhang
Supervisors: Anna Gaszczak (, Jaguar Landrover, Digilab
Igor Khovanov (, Engineering
Title: Target tracking and multiple threat assessment of radar vehicle signatures