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Knowledge and Ideas


Knowledge & Ideas
  • Aware of the need to gather information about unfamiliar cultures and interested to do so.
  • Uses a range of strategies to gather relevant information, including:
  • Seeks out and finds helpful books and documents;
  • Observes behaviour;
  • Asks explicit questions
  • Asks ‘cultural informants’
New thinking
  • Open to new ideas
  • Seeks new insights and ways of understanding issues
  • Challenges conventional thinking
  • Extends thinking beyond own field of knowledge
  • Regularly updates and modifies opinions in the light of new information or evidence
Goal orientation
  • Interested in other people’s goals and seeks to find out about them
  • Maintains a focus on own goals and does not compromise too easily
  • Willing to take other people’s goals into account and to balance own and other’s goals when needed
  • Holds realistic expectations
  • Shares and surfaces the different perspectives that people have about a problem
  • Facilitates group members in reconciling and integrating different approaches
  • Stimulates creative and synergistic solutions and procedures