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Personal Qualities and Dispositions


Personal Qualities and 
  • Ready to seek out variety, change and stimulation in his/her life
  • Avoids safe and predictable environments
  • Pushes self into uncomfortable and ambiguous situations from which s/he can learn
  • Conscious that his/her own behaviour may be strange and/or difficult for others to understand or accept
  • Sensitive to how his/her own communication and behaviour is interpreted by others
  • Positively accepts behaviour and ideas that are very different from his/her own
  • Accepting of people as they are and does not try to change them
  • At ease with those who hold different views or values
  • Looks for the best in others, and forgives any faux pas quickly and easily
  • Willing to learn a wide range of behaviour and communication patterns
  • Copies other people‚Äôs behaviour/communication in order to fit in or make others feel more comfortable
  • Experiments with different ways of behaving and communicating to find those that are most acceptable and most successful
  • Adapts behaviour and modifies judgements to suit the circumstances
  • Guided by a well defined set of values and beliefs
  • Possesses personal toughness that enables maintenance of a sense of focus in difficult situations
  • Self-disciplined and self-reliant
  • Can provide a clear sense of direction for self and others
  • Committed and motivated
  • Possesses well-developed methods for dealing with stress, such as:
  • Uses humour to relieve tension
  • Builds local support networks
  • Manages negative emotions
  • Looks for something good in what is happening
  • Ready to risk making social mistakes
  • Not easily embarrassed by social gaffes
  • Has sufficient self-confidence to handle criticism or negative feedback
  • Has optimistic outlook and bounces back quickly after setbacks