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What do History Students Want: Boosting Undergraduate Recruitment, Engagement and Achievement

Type: Conference Materials


How are history programmes responding to the post-Browne Report era, and what might they look like in five years’ time? How do we design history degrees that are attractive to prospecive students and enriching to current ones? The doubling of tuition fees and marketisation of higher education threaten to pit history programmes against each other in competition for students. Yet historians have a common interest in identifying ways to attract, retain, train and inspire a sustainable number of high-quality undergraduates. We can’t afford our subject to be seen as offering low contact hours, uninspiring courses and few readily identifiable career paths.

This last History Subject Centre Midlands Network workshop was hosted by the History Programme at Loughborough University from 9.45 to 3.45 on Friday 3 June 2011.

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