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Our Mission

Context: Warwick has a strong and clear research strategy that calls on us to address the world’s most pressing challenges, but also to lead by creating new research ideas. Warwick is also determined to be a leading global university, building connections with individuals and institutions who see the world as a place that can be transformed by learning and working together.


Warwick’s IAS is dedicated to advancing new research ideas, characterised by:

  • Interdisciplinarity - creating synergies between traditional research disciplines
  • Innovation - facilitating activities that realise the full value of our ideas
  • Internationalisation - connecting Warwick researchers with partners around the world
What we do

Warwick’s IAS is distinctive among its sister institutions around the world in that it supports the entire postdoctoral research community; early career, academic colleagues, prestigious international visitors. We serve Warwick’s research community by:

  • providing an environment and financial support for the exchange and development of ideas
  • co-creating initiatives that are of strategic importance to Warwick
  • supporting early career researchers in the development of their independent careers
  • making fast, transparent funding decisions.