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Academic Careers & Leadership Development

Upcoming Accolade Events


Accolade is our flagship training and events programme designed to help IAS Fellows establish an independent academic career. Co-created, facilitated and constantly updated with Fellows, Warwick staff and external consultants, it is a participatory programme of research webinars, training events and panel discussions.

If you'd like to take part, please join us as a fellow on one of our schemes. If you are a postdoc already employed at Warwick and looking to receive extra support and training, you can join us on our Associate Fellowship programme.

Accolade Schedule

Please see the Autumn 23/24 page for details (including facilitators and learning outcomes) of all the sessions within the Accolade Programme this term.

This Autumn we'll be focusing on you as an academic, we'll be enhancing self-awareness around your behavioural preferences and your next career steps and exploring fellowships and funding.

Postdocs at Warwick

Apply to join the IAS community as an Associate to benefit from a wide range of resources and training and receive Outlook invitations to all our Accolade events.

IAS Fellows

Accept Teams invitations via Outlook. Explore the Accolade channel on the IAS Postdoc Community Teams Space. We also have channels on fellowships, funding, news, resources and more

 Feedback from our Fellows


The IAS has given me so many opportunities to enhance my research output and activities. It provided a great platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, resources, presentations and workshops (via the ACCOLADE programme) to learn everything needed as an early-career fellow who is about to start an academic career. I felt very prepared to start the application process and to enter post-PhD professional life.

-IAS Early Career Fellow

The IAS has definitely enhanced my ability to foster new research activities, particularly through collaboration. I’m also much more confident on writing grant applications for new research as a direct result of the ACCOLADE programme.

-IAS Early Career Fellow

Giving a short research presentation to a non-specialist audience and receiving written feedback from my peers was a new experience for me. I think it improved my ability to communicate my research to a broader audience which was useful when applying for fellowships.

- IAS Early Career Fellow