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Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

Training, Education & Outreach

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The Editor-in-Chief welcomes invitations to participate, facilitate or otherwise deliver training and input to academic seminars for scholars, research students or other audiences. In particular we welcome approaches relating to areas of expertise which include, but are not limited to, the areas to the right:

At their discretion and subject to availability Editorial BoardLink opens in a new window members too may be approached to participate in events local to their own regions and institutions.


Academic & Scholarly Publishing Praxis

Developing Successful Peer-Reviewers

Distributed Team Management

Effective Academic Writing Skills

Open Access & Research Communications

Monograph Proposals & Publisher Relationships

Professional Editing & Journal Management

Promotion, Advocacy & Outreach

Publishing Processes, Ethics & Operations


In particular, as part of the journal’s developmental and outreach mission, the Editor-in-Chief welcomes outline approaches from scholars around the world to participate and speak at conferences or events in-person or remotely, on matters relating to academic publishing, or in a personal professional capacity.

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