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Exchanges: Mission & Purpose

The key objective of this journal arises from Warwick’s ambition to provide an intellectual gateway for research engagement at a regional, national and international level. Interdisciplinary research is an increasingly important part of our academic future and this publication seeks to provide a spotlight for non-traditional collaborations and those keen to push the barriers of their disciplinary activity. (Thrift, 2013: 2Link opens in a new window)

Not Just An Interdisciplinary Research Journal

While its ambitions have developed over time, today Exchanges principally addresses a tripartite mission, in synergy with the IAS’ own goals: enabling an interdisciplinary discourse, developing contributors' professional publishing praxis alongside enhancing their global visibility and research esteem. Its operations additionally benefit the University of Warwick’s global prestige through exemplifying, celebrating and championing a vigorous quality-assured, humanitarian, scholar-led open-access publication praxis.

Enabling Discourse

Exchanges seeks to provide a quality-assured forum for early career scholars to contribute to establishing an ongoing interdisciplinary discourse.

This is achieved through realising, managing and delivering on the intent of publishing a research journalLink opens in a new window, while maintaining operations within normative best practices and ethical frameworks.

Supporting Development

Exchanges seeks to create an enabling, altruistic and developmental working environment via its operations where all contributors are supported to augment their authorial, reviewing and editorial skills.

This is realised through policy and practice fostering effective working relationships and positive authorial experiences alongside an ongoing commitment to supporting academic professional development.

Enhancing Visibility

Exchanges seeks to help enable contributors’ developing professional career visibility and personal research esteem through publicising and championing their contributions.

This is primarily achieved via our networks and social media channels and most especially within our companion podcast series, the Exchanges DiscourseLink opens in a new window.