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Postdoc Support and Resources

Warwick's Institute of Advanced Study is a diverse, respectful and mutually-supportive community of ambitious interdisciplinary postdoctoral scholars.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows are a vital part of Warwick’s research community. Bringing a wealth of research experience and expertise to our endeavours, you underpin Warwick's position as a leading research institution. Whether you stay at Warwick, move to an organisation elsewhere, or establish your own enterprise, your future success is deeply connected with that of Warwick; you become part of our international network. As such, we provide a variety of funding and training opportunities to the thriving, growing and diverse postdoctoral community at Warwick.

Postdocs of Warwick - we want to support you

Join us as an Associate Fellow and benefit from a wide range of resources and training. Tell us about your postdoc society so we can help facilitate your work.

Departments of Warwick - we want to fund your ideas

IAS Awards offer funding to help you develop new research ideas, collaborations, funding streams, outputs, and impact.

Warwick PhD Supervisors - we want to support your completing PhD students

Our Early Career Fellowship offer a 50% stipend, training, and support for completing Warwick PGRs to develop an independent research career.