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Early Career Fellowships

This programme supports completing Warwick doctoral candidates in the transition phase between their doctoral and postdoctoral research careers.

Fellows are expected to advance the development of their research careers by writing research publications, conference papers, job applications, and postdoctoral fellowship/grant proposals - while engaging with the Academic Careers and Employment (ACE) Programme. The Fellowships are available on a part-time basis, and can be held in conjunction with part-time (up to 50%) employment within or outside the University. Applicants must have submitted their thesis for examination prior to the commencement of the fellowship programme. There are two calls per year for the Early Career Fellowship Scheme. Further details and guidance are found in the Funding Guidelines document. All applications and references to this scheme must now be uploaded through the Online Submission System.

The affiliated IATL/IAS Early Career Teaching Fellowship supports completing Warwick doctoral candidates in developing interdisciplinary pedagogy and teaching practice. Find out more about the scheme here.

"The Fellowship offered me the chance to enhance very important skills, such as the ability to talk about my academic work to a not-specialised audience. It also allowed me to develop a keen interest to create and foster interdisciplinary links with scholars from other field." - Early Career Fellow from 2016

Selected recently awarded Early Career Fellowships:

Dr Alison Struthers (School of Law) | October 2015 - April 2016
Dr Struthers’ principal research area is Human Rights Education (HRE) at both the domestic and international levels. Her PhD considered whether England is complying with its international legal obligations regarding the provision of HRE, and drew upon qualitative and quantitative empirical research with primary teachers across England to explore why they are not currently educating effectively in this area. Dr Struthers is also a project manager for the Centre for Human Rights in Practice. This has involved her carrying out research with each of the Scottish universities currently providing teacher training to determine how HRE could best be incorporated into their degree programs. In September 2016 Dr Struthers was appointed as Assistant Professor in Warwick Law School.


Dr Marco Cinelli (Warwick Manufacturing Group) | April 2016 - February 2017
Dr Cinelli focuses on the integration of sustainability assessment with decision support methods. His current research includes: use of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding to perform sustainability assessments of products/process systems; creation of a network of sustainability and decision support analysts to advance the scientifically meaningful use of MCDA for sustainability research; and development of life cycle sustainability assessment capabilities.

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Deadlines: MIDDAY on Monday 15 January 2018 (April 2018 start); MIDDAY on Monday 14 May 2018 (October 2018 start)

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