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Apply for the Early Career Fellowship


Candidates must apply only to the round(s) for which they are eligible. In 2023-24 the two call deadlines are:

  • Midday 1 December 2022: for candidates who will submit their thesis for examination between 1 October 2022 and 30 April 2023, with Fellowships commencing April 2023.
  • Midday 27 April 2023: for candidates who will submit their thesis for examination between 1 May and 30 September 2023, with Fellowships commencing October 2023.

Review Criteria

Applications will be considered by a panel of Warwick academic staff, including the IAS Director. 

Academic Excellence - taking into account: 

  • Previous publication record, if any, arising from the doctoral research 
  • Conference papers, if any, based on the doctoral research 
  • Grants and fellowships awarded during postgraduate career 
  • Evidence of engagement with research community beyond immediate field 
  • Letters of reference 

Quality of Proposed Activities - as detailed in project statement, taking into account: 

  • Intellectual ambition and scope of proposed activities 
  • Ability of proposed programme to lead to the advancement the candidate’s postdoctoral research career 
  • Evidence of ongoing proactivity and clarity of objectives to achieve research goals. 
  • Feasibility (ability to accomplish stated goals within the Fellowship period). 
  • That this is not a vehicle for funding new research or for completing PhD investigations 

Scope for Interdisciplinary engagement – taking into account: 

  • The interdisciplinary direction of the proposed work 
  • Applicant’s ability and willingness to situate their future research within the broader interdisciplinary research framework of the IAS.

Application Guidelines

All application, CV and reference must be saved in the following format:

(Application form / CV / Reference )

Application Procedure
From the Applicant
  • Complete the Microsoft form below and upload the your Application form and CV (maximum 2 single-spaced, single sides of A4)
From each of the two Referees:
  • Upload a Letter of Reference below (which aim to address the candidate’s achievements to date and suitability for the fellowship. This should reference any academic achievements as well as any engagement beyond their immediate specialism, contributions to the department (e.g teaching, seminars, support with events, committees etc)

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application and academic references reach the IAS by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications submitted will not be considered.