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Fernandes Fellowships -Information for Applicants

Purpose of Fellowships

These Fellowships are designed to help catalyse long-term interdisciplinary research collaborations between the University of Warwick and the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa in order to deepen our educational and research links. The fellowship funding will support researcher exchanges in both directions in order to facilitate this.

Applications are encouraged in (but not restricted to) areas of strategic importance (e.g Global Research Priorities) or shared areas of research excellence at Warwick and NOVA,

Call timings and Number of Fellowships available

  • Autumn 2023 call 1 Fellowship Available
  • Autumn 2024 call 2 Fellowships Available
  • Autumn 2025 call 2 Fellowships Available

Each fellowship has funding for a six month period. This can be used flexibly but the proposed activities should be should be completed within 1 year of the award.

Application and Review

Application will be reviewed by a panel representing the Institute of Advanced Study, International Strategy & Relations, & relevant academics at Warwick

Offer to Fellows

For the Autumn 2023 call, each Fellowship will provide:

  • A stipend of £2,200 per month to cover living and accommodation costs during periods of travel (NOVA visitors to Warwick) or travel and subsistence costs in line with Warwick Financial Regulations (Warwick staff travelling to NOVA)
  • Travel costs (including visa fees) of up to £1,100
  • Research, support and training costs of up to £1,100 per month

The fellowship funding must be spent in line with the University of Warwick Financial Regulations and it is the responsibility of the Lead Applicant at Warwick and their home department to make any necessary travel and accommodation arrangements for visitors from NOVA.

Who can Apply

Applications must be led by a Principal Applicant from Warwick, with a co-applicant from NOVA. Principal and Co-Applicants must be permanent members of academic staff or holders of an externally funded fellowship the duration of which exceeds the proposed duration of the Fernandes Fellowship.

Other co-applicants from both Warwick and NOVA may also be included, particularly if this can enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the proposed activities

Who can travel

Within the limitations of the budget and the six-month timeframe, any combination of travel is permitted with Warwick staff able to travel to. NOVA and NOVA staff able to travel to Warwick and multiple visits permissible.

Fellowship holders may also use the fellowship to exchange members of their research group (postdoctoral researchers & PhD students) if this will further facilitate new research collaborations or training.

Reporting & Other requirements

Fernandes fellowship holders will be expected to assist the University in reporting the impact of the Fernandes Fellowships to the donor. Each Fellow will be required to complete a report for the donor and attend a meeting with the donor with a representative from the Development & Alumni Engagement Office with the purpose of demonstrating the impact of the fellowships.

Further queries

Please contact the IAS with any further questions