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Apply for an IAS Visiting Research Fellowship

Application Procedure

All Visiting Research Fellows must be nominated by a permanent Warwick academic staff member (including probationary staff) or holder of a fellowship awarded by an external funder (the duration of which extends beyond the proposed activity). The Nominator/Principal Applicant is expected to be present during the tenure of the Fellowship and is responsible for liaising with the nominated Fellow prior to submission of the application and coordinating their events.

The following documents should be submitted using the form below.

  1. A completed application form. This must be completed in line with the guidance given below and be signed by the applicant and Head of Department (or nominated representative). Electronic signatures are acceptable.
  2. A CV (maximum 4 pages, in English) for the proposed Visiting Research Fellow highlighting any publications, activities or achievements that are especially relevant to this application.
  3. A letter of support (or email) from the proposed Visiting Research Fellow's home institution, written and signed by a Head of Department, Head of School or senior level colleague within the institution. The letter should provide support for the visit and confirmation of the fellow's position at the institution.
  4. A completed Equal Opportunities survey which can be filled online.

Please ensure that the application is complete and reaches the Institute of Advanced Study before the closing date. Late or incomplete applications submitted will not be considered as will applications which exceed the specified word count


Applications may be submitted at any time and applicants will be notified of the outcome within five weeks of the deadline.

Review Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a small college comprising representatives of IAS and relevant academic or other colleagues. Applications will be assessed on:

  • Quality of the proposed Fellow and their contribution to their field, as attested by CV
  • Potential of the proposed fellow to secure a significant externally funded fellowship (or grant as PI)
  • How the proposed programme of activities will support and strengthen the funding application
  • The fit of the applicant with the host academic department
  • Quality of the proposed activities the fellow will undertake remotely and how they will be supported when not physically at Warwick


This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.