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Information for Award Holders


We have put together a list of FAQs to try and help answer any questions that our award holders and their support team may have with regard to the organisation of the Fellowships. If you still have any queries please get in touch with us via email at:

Who is responsible for booking the Fellow's travel?

The hosting Department (Departmental Administrator / Secretary) books flights and transfers, as they are able to liaise more directly with the nominator and VF and know of the requirements that will best suit the fellowship arrangements, using the University’s approved suppliers and in accordance with FinRegs. The cost will be coded to the internal order code notified by the IAS.

Please note that when booking travel the University's Financial Regulations must be adhered to. Therefore any overseas travel bookings (irrespective of value) must be booked by the nominating department via the University's approved travel agentLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window.

Does the Fellow require a Visa?

This will depend on the Fellow's nationality. The Fellow is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary authority to visit the UK. Advice on visa requirements is available on the Government website link:

What payment does the Visiting Fellow receive? What does this cover?

The Fellow will receive a per diem which is calculated at a rate of £55 per day (up to a maximum of £1650) (2022-23 rates). This is to be used to cover their living expenses whilst staying at the University, i.e. breakfast, lunch & dinner. The money can be transferred to their bank account on their arrival

Please note: If the Fellow is based in the UK, a per diem is not payable. Instead, the Fellow should claim for expenses incurred during the visit using the University’s expense claim form (FP16a), in accordance with the University's Financial Regulations. The completed claim form should be submitted to the hosting department, together with all original receipts, for processing against the code created for the award.

What accommodation is provided?

The IAS has a residential facility at Cryfield Grange, comprising 3 En-suite double rooms. Cryfield Grange is a 15/20 minute walk to central campus. The IAS also has use of Cryfield Cottage, a self-contained cottage with 2 double bedrooms, each with private bathroom facilities. Cryfield Cottage is on campus, close to the Arts Centre. Neither of these accommodation facilities is staffed and arrangements need to be made so that a member of the Staff Accommodation team can meet the Fellow at the accommodation to handover keys and a welcome pack. At certain times of the year, the rooms become fully booked well in advance. In light of this, we ask that applicants (nominators) provide three possible visit dates so that we may be able to accommodate the Fellow on at least one of these.

The actual accommodation location will be confirmed nearer the time of the fellow’s visit.

As the Nominator is responsible for the Fellow during their time at Warwick, the Nominator will want to welcome the Fellow once they have arrived at Warwick and inform the Fellow of the itinerary for the visit, where to go and at what time etc.

Are there any restrictions on arrival times/dates?

As Cryfield Grange/Cryfield Cottage are not staffed, the IAS would ask that, where possible, Fellows arrive at Warwick on weekdays during normal day-time hours (9am -6pm) so that a member of the Staff Accommodation Team can meet the Fellow and handover keys etc. If arriving at the weekend or on a bank holiday, it would be preferable for the Fellow to arrive before 12 noon for the same reason. If arriving after 6pm on weekdays, or after 12 noon at the weekend or a bank holiday, it may be necessary to arrange accommodation at Warwick Conferences for the first night and then be transported to Cryfield Grange/Cryfield Cottage the following morning.

Who is responsible for booking the accommodation?

The IAS will liaise with the Staff Accommodation Team to confirm all bookings at the accommodation. Therefore, as soon as the Nominator has confirmation of the dates , they should let the IAS know so we can update the team. The Nominator will then need to liaise with the Staff Accommodation Team over the Fellow's time of arrival and the 'meet and greet' arrangements.

Can the Fellow be accompanied by a partner/spouse?

Yes - the Fellow can be accompanied by their spouse. However, if Fellows are bringing family, other than a partner/spouse, they are liable for organising their own accommodation and accommodation expenses. For health and safety reasons, children under 18 are not allowed in Cryfield Grange/Cryfield Cottage.

Does the Fellow have access to the Sports Centre?

Yes - the Fellow can pay to use the Sports Centre during their visit to Warwick. The facilities can be accessed on a pay-as-you go basis. For further information on the Sports Centre and the price list please click hereLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window.

Final Report

An end of award report from the Warwick nominator is due within 6 weeks of the end of the Fellowship. Principal Investigators with outstanding end of award reports will be ineligible to make future IAS applications.

The end of award form can be downloaded from this page.

Please return completed forms to the IAS at: