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Sub-Saharan African Research Network (SSARN)

This network is no longer Active

What is the Sub-Saharan African Research Network (SSARN)?

SSARN is a Network of academics, students and administrators who come together to share their Africa-related research, interests and ideas. The Network was formed early-on in the IAS' history and has gone from strength to strength and now has around 160 members.

When does the SSARN meet?

SSARN meets about once a month in the IAS seminar room. Meetings normally take the same format: lunch is available from midday to provide a time for networking, and the presentation starts at 12.30pm. These events are open to anyone interested in the topics, though you are asked to contact  Ahmed Sarki- Coordinator in advance if you would like to attend so that we know numbers for catering.

How can I get involved with SSARN?

If you would like to join the Network, please complete the questionnaire and email it to  Ahmed Sarki. You will then be added to the SSARN mailing lists and receive e-mails about Africa-related events and funding opportunities.

If you are a PhD student and would like to join the African Research Student Network (ARSN), click here for more information.

Where can I find out more information about SSARN?

The SSARN web pages found here provide a lot of information about the Network, its members, the work they do and how to find out more. Use the quick links on the right-hand side of this page to access them. If you have any further queries or questions, please contact Ahmed Sarki.