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Warwick/QMUL Classical Reception Research Network

Organisers: Dr Katie Fleming (QMUL) and Dr Teresa Grant (Warwick)

Co-investigators: Dr Dan Orrells (Classics, Warwick) and Professor Ingrid de Smet (French, Warwick)

The primary point of the research network is to forge strategic partnership links between Warwick and QMUL using nascent connections which have which hitherto been fostered within the two institutions. The classical tradition is, of course, not confined to the period before 1750, and this new network also seeks to expand period horizons both in Warwick and QMUL. Members of the departments of Classics, English, French and Italian are involved. This network will forge and foster classical reception studies as an important part of the new Warwick/ QMUL strategic partnership, but linking to other HE Institutions and other interested parties.

The intial event was a very successful roundtable on Seneca in the English Tradition which took place at Warwick on the 12th September 2012. There will be a consequent special issue of The Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (40.1; March 2013). It is our intention to build on this publication to build a tradition of biennial Warwick/QMUL classical reception special issues.

Members of the Research Network include:

  • Dr Elizabeth Barry (Warwick)
  • Dr Paul Botley (Warwick)
  • Dr Phil Booth (Oxford)
  • Dr Emma Buckley (St Andrew's)
  • Dr Ingrid de Smet (Warwick)
  • Dr John Gilmore (Warwick)
  • Dr Mairead McAuley (UCL)
  • Dr Dan Orrells (Warwick)
  • Professor Catherine Rowett (UEA)
  • Helen Slaney (St Hilda's, Oxford)
  • Dr Henry Stead (KCL)
  • Dr Mark Storey (Warwick)
  • Dr Andrew Taylor (Churchill College, Cambridge)
  • Dr Emily Wingfield (Birmingham)