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2015 Showcase

The Future of Interdisciplinary Research

‘The Future of Interdisciplinary Research’ was the first of a series of IAS annual symposiums dedicated to ‘key issues in current research’. The aim is to debate the challenges, barriers, opportunities and future trajectories of research in the UK and internationally.

The programme opened with a panel debate on the ways in which interdisciplinarity is viewed from an academic, policy and public perspective, including the panellists: Mr Peter Churchill (Joint Research Centre European Commission), Professor Sarah Churchwell (University of East Anglia), Professor Jane Elliott (Economic and Social Research Council), Professor Rick Rylance (Arts and Humanities Research Council).

An exhibition "Picture my Research" from Global and Postdoctoral Research Fellows was also displayed throughout the day.

A lecture by Professor Martin Hairer, Regius Professor of Mathematics at Warwick and 2014 Fields medallist, concluded the day with the topic of ‘The Mathematics of Randomness’.

Speaker Biographies


Friday 15 May 2015 - The Shard, London