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We are an open source publication and reading group investigating decolonial texts across disciplines.


Open source publication

We publish introductions to interdisciplinary decolonial texts that are critically located in the contemporary moment.

Reading group

We meet regularly to use the introductions in this publication as starting points for discussion. We extend, challenge and critique these perspectives, publishing them as a postscript in our publication.

Each month, a key text (journal article or chapter) is selected by a scholar who pens an introduction to the work for READING DECOLONIALITY, before presenting it as a starting point for discussion within our monthly hybrid (online/in-person) reading group. Introductions aim to provide critical and focused analyses for all readers, scholars or everyday philosophers, to take with them into the world.

The reading group is open for anyone to join and speak to the text, with their viewpoints minuted and published as a postscript to the initial post. The process of including one author’s concise introduction alongside the plurality of perspectives offered from the reading group provides dialogic opportunities for multiple meanings that we believe to be characteristic of decoloniality itself.


READING DECOLONIALITY looks to nourish and support the ideas of new interdisciplinary scholars in dialogue with a wider public of academics, practitioners and policy makers. Like a reading group, it provides new, current, and critical introductions to complex texts for scholars investigating decoloniality while publishing concise articles for those looking for understanding, evidence and change.


READING DECOLONIALITY began as the Decolonial/Postcolonial Working Group at the IAS in early 2021. This group was founded by Eloise Betrand, Giulia Champion, Nadeen Dakkak, Remi Dewiere, Will Fysh, Martha Gayoye, Luca Peretti and Doro Wiese and was soon joined by Claire French and Somak Biswas. More on its organisers and members are here.

Institutional support

READING DECOLONIALITY is supported by the IAS in order to run as a blog with a frequent publishing schedule. The founding members of the blog began decolonial discussions in their time at the IAS and new members still continue to be recruited from this base.

Simultaneously, READING DECOLONIALITY has an open membership whereby anyone (institutional affiliation or not) can read monthly articles and join monthly talks.


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