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IATL’s Online Module Fair

IATL was excited to hold its inaugural Online Module Fair on Zoom on the 29th of April 2020. Under normal circumstances, students attend our module fair in person to meet with our module convenors and ask questions about our modules but due to Covid-19, the event, that was to form part of IATL’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations, had to be quickly reimagined and transferred to Zoom.

Over 100 students registered to attend the online module fair, which took place over a two hour period. Module conveners were able to give a presentation about their module using various features such as screen-sharing to present their slides, video-sharing, and were able to go into breakout rooms once all the presentations had finished. Here students were able to meet the module convenors and ask them questions about the modules.

To conclude, the Online Module Fair has helped advertise IATL’s modules to students at the university and has significantly boosted module registrations. Student feedback suggested that it was a lively and creative event where they enjoyed hearing more about our interdisciplinary modules in an interactive way.

You can view some of the presentations from the module fair here.

IATL Online Module Fair