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Genetics: Science and Society


Assessment 1 Academic Writing Piece (i.e. essay or scientific article) up to 2000 words

Through this Academic Writing Piece, students develop a detailed analysis of multi-disciplinary issues relating to a human genetic technology of their choice. They explore what is interesting about the technology, consider the ethical or other issues around using it, and discuss it in the context of the topics presented during the module.

Assessment 2 Student Devised Assessment made up of a ‘Creative Piece’ and an ‘Accompanying Piece’ (up to 1500 words)

The Creative Piece offers students the chance to display their critical engagement with the themes and theories of the module and consider how they might practically apply what they have learned in a medium of their own choosing. The Piece could be a story, workshop, presentation, blog, comic, painting, video, piece of academic writing, dance, website, poem, song, learning resource, collage, diary etc. There is no ‘right’ way to present but the form of the Piece should have a demonstrable relationship to the ideas behind it. The Creative Piece should be supported by an accompanying explanation which critically engages with different theories concerning the links between genetics and society and demonstrates an awareness of how theories are signalled and put into practice by the Piece.

The assignments are weighted equally (50% each).

Sacred Strands

by Holly Barry


Living in the Silver Lining

by Sophie Shaw


Human Top Trumps

by Holly Warner


Perspectives of Prenatal Testing

by Kerena Norris


Disabled or Able?

by Nilusha Perera


When Death came Knocking

by Safiya Sayed


Genetics, Science and Society

by Isabella Clarke


What are the moral and ethical implications of cloning?

by Lea Hamlin


How well do primary school aged children understand and interpret genetics?

by Jess Oliver


Siblings unite over faulty DNA

by Lindo Nyathi