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Genetics Science and Society

Isabella Clarke

About the Project

‘My inspiration for creating a website was due to my experience in the module. Coming from a philosophical background meant that during the initial weeks that were spent covering scientific material, I was at times confused. (…) I thought it would be a good idea to create a website that was a simple introduction to the field of genetics that explained basic concepts in an easy to understand way.’

‘I also took great care when considering what topics from the module to include. For the scientific pages, I included information on what DNA is, the structure of DNA, what genes are, the human genome project, genetic engineering, CRISPR, cloning, and genetic disorders. (…) For the ethics page I aimed at making it as interdisciplinary as possible, like our module, by including viewpoints and arguments from many different perspectives. These perspectives include religious ethics, psychological ethics (nature / nurture debate), philosophical ethics (autonomy objection), and socio-economic problems. I felt the way this module had been designed offered a really valuable insight into the subject area as you got to view from genetics from all angles. I tried to also have my website, especially the ethics pages, feel similar to this.’