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Tolulope Bella-Awusah

Proposed study title: Mental wellbeing, resilience and help-seeking among socially disadvantaged youth Living in selected slum areas of Ibadan, Nigeria

Summary: Young people make up about a sixth of the world population, and majority of them live in low-and middle-income countries (LMIC), such as the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Youth in these contexts who also live in areas of social disadvantage are particularly vulnerable, and often have challenges maintaining good mental health in the face of adversity. This study aims to generate new knowledge on the mental wellbeing, coping, and help-seeking behaviours of socially disadvantaged youth living in selected slum areas of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The following research questions will be explored: What are youths understanding of mental wellbeing and mental health challenges; how do they cope in the face of adversity; and how and where do they seek help for mental health challenges?

Tolu joins the TRANSFORM team from the University of Ibadan and started her PhD in March 2022. She is supervised by Domenico GiaccoLink opens in a new window, Sagar JilkaLink opens in a new window and Ursula ReadLink opens in a new window.