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Professor Jose Gutierrez-Marcos

Supervisor Details

Professor Jose Gutierrez-Marcos

Contact Details

Professor Jose Gutierrez-Marcos

School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick

Research Interests

We are interested in understanding a key question in biology: how development and environmental responses are coordinated across diverse cell types in multicellular organisms? We use of interdisciplinary approaches, including quantitative epi/genomic profiling, modelling and targeted genome engineering, to dissect and design new regulatory modules with the aim of creating novel phenotypes. We are particularly interested in two biological processes? (i) how communication between cells coordinate development and (ii) how complex organisms integrate, store, and retrieve environmental information.

Scientific Inspiration

Ledyard Stebbins, whom I meet as an undergraduate student and sparked my interest in natural variation and evolution.

Project Details

Prof Gutierrez-Marcos is the supervisor for the below projects:

Prof Gutierrez-Marcos is also co-supervising a project with Dr Andre Pires da Silva.

Previous Projects

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