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Plant & Agricultural Biosciences

Understanding fundamental plant biology and developing sustainable agricultural production systems.

Cluster Leads: Professor Murray Grant and Dr Mojgan Rabiey

The School of Life Sciences is home to one of the largest groups of plant and crop scientists in the UK. Our multidisciplinary research spans from molecular studies to field research, addressing food and nutritional security in a changing environment. With world-class facilities in proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and imaging, we explore the frontiers of scientific discovery. Our unique glasshouse and field research facilities, alongside extensive protected cropping and quarantine fields, enable fundamental and collaborative research on various crops. We aim to promote sustainable agricultural systems through innovative research while developing technology for long-term growth. Our expertise covers molecular plant pathology, genetics, microbiome interactions, and more. Objectives include fundamental research, sustainable food production, germplasm maintenance, genetic technologies, partnerships, training, and facility development.

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