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Epigenetic control of plant development

The research interests of Dr Jose Gutierrez-Marcos include:

Postdocs currently working in the lab:

Dr. Julius Durr (Secreted peptides and plant development)

Dr. Liliana Costa (Secreted peptides and plant development)

Dr. Julia Englehorn (Epigenetic reprogramming in plants)

Dr. Yang-Seok Lee (Epigenetic reprogramming in plants)

Dr. Giampiero Marconi (Epigenetic reprogramming in plants)

PhD Students and researchers currently working in the lab:

Hadi Lanang Putra (Epigenetic reprogramming & Environment)

Anjar Wibowo (Epigenetic reprogramming & Environment)

Matthew Naish (Epigenetic reprogramming in germline)

Jonathan Price (Computational Analysis of Epigenomic Data)

Robert Maple (Non-coding RNAs and epigenetic reprogramming)

Nosheen Hussain (Developmental Reprogramming)

Ranjith Papareddy (Developmental reprogramming)

Quentin Santain (Developmental reprogramming)

Cathal Meehan (Developmental reprogramming)

Jing Yuan (Human Glioblastoma Epigenomics)

Alexander Dawson (Rubber tree (epi)genomics)

Past members:

Dr. Christopher Barrington (PDRA @ University College London)

Dr. David Schafer (Breeding director @ LS Plant Breeding)

Dr. Jing Yuan (Assistant Professor @ Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

Dr. Simon Engledow (Welcome Trust Human Genetics @ Universiyt of Oxford)

Dr. Katarzyna Gacek (PDRA @ Poznań Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute)

Dr. Eleanor Marshall (Project Leader @ AHDB)

Dr. Eva Caamano (Univ. of Liverpool)

Sophie Otterbach (MSc student @ Berlin Technical University)

Franziska Srocke (PhD student @ University of Toronto)

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