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Quantitative, Systems & Engineering Biology

Understanding the fundamental principles of life in single cells and cell collectives, and engineering their dynamic behaviours

Cluster Leads: Prof Orkun Soyer, Dr Bruno Martins

Research in this cluster aims to develop a holistic, system-level understanding of the behaviour of individual cells and cell collectives. To do so, we combine biophysicochemical and omics measurements at single molecule or single cell level with mathematical modelling of observed dynamics and responses. The quantitative and systems-level understanding that our research generates is directly interlinked with increased ability to engineer or influence cellular responses.

We have extensive research facilities and integrative centres underpinning our quantitative research and host a cutting-edge seminar series bringing national and international researchers together.

Ongoing research in this cluster focuses on a wide range of individual cell types, including mammalian and microbial ones, and on cell collectives ranging from mammalian tissue to microbial communities. We thrive to understand the relation between biophysicochemical principles governing the structure and function of individual biological entities, such as proteins, polymers, condensates, and ions, and the cell-level responses emerging from the dynamic interactions of these entities.


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Seminars and Events

QSEB cluster holds monthly meetings, either featuring an invited speaker or internal ‘chalk talks’, focusing on informal presentation of research and grant ideas.


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