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Meeting 1 - "The Clinical Need"

March Meeting - 1st March 2016

Presentation 1: On the Edge of the Abyss, Dr Esther Robinson (Warwick Medical School)

Warwick Medical School's Dr Esther Robinson described the view from the clinical frontline, bringing home the seriousness of AMR as a national and global problem.

Outstanding questions:

Plasmid-borne resistance: Can we target plasmids in vivo or out-compete them? (Discuss here)
Precision medicine: Can new rapid diagnostics improve control of spread and better inform antimicrobial use? (Discuss here)
Antibiotic stewardship: How do we use existing antibiotics optimally to retard resistance? (Discuss here)

Presentation 2: Modern Molecular Microbiology Techniques to Address Farm Problems, Jonny Sheldon (Warwick Medical School)

Jonny Sheldon, a student in Prof. Mark Pallen's lab presented the research aims of his PhD thesis, which will be looking at antimicrobial resistance from a veterinary perspective.

Presentation 3: Tackling AMR – A Cross Council Initiative & Other Funding Opportunities, Ruth Kelly (Medical Research Council)

MRC Project Manager Ruth Kelly provided an overview of upcoming cross council AMR funding opportunities.