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X-ray & Neutron Scattering in Multiferroics Research: Second meeting - 23 September 2011

A series of presentations were given by leading researchers covering a variety of topics, from fundamental physics of multiferroic switching, to X-ray experimental results and best practice. Other talks focused on the practicalities of using ferroelectrics as computer memory (RAM) and magnetic storage.

A discussion forum was held during the afternoon, to examine the experimental uncertainties concerning application in situ electric, magnetic and stress fields in x-ray and neutron experiments. Delegates also debated a wider range of issues in materials processing, crystal growth and sample preparation.

The event was highly successful and brought together many leading researchers in the field for the sharing of ideas and results in an informal setting.

The following talks were presented:

  • More than one twist: multiferroics and magnetoelectrics beyond the cycloidal mechanism
    Paolo Radaelli (University of Oxford)
  • In situ neutron and x-ray synchrotron studies of multiferroics
    Andrew Bell (University of Leeds)
  • Advancing the understanding of multiferroics through resonant x-ray scattering
    Peter Hatton (Durham University)
  • In-situ studies of structure and electrical properties of BiFeO3 as a function of temperature and pressure
    Bob Freer (The University of Manchester)
  • Local and average structures of new leadfree polar materials
    Matthew Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool)
  • Electric control of magnetic chirality in CuO
    Andrew Boothroyd (Oxford)
  • X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering of Strain induced Magnetoelectric EuTiO3 films
    Simon Brown (XMaS/ESRF)
  • In situ facilities for ferroelectric and multiferroic materials at ESRF and DIAMOND
    Mark Stewart (NPL)