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Surface Science with SR Radiation Workshop 2014- Jan. 14

Date: Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Description: This half-day workshop will bring together experts from surface science and synchrotron facility users to present the latest developments in the field. The symposium will consist of a combination of invited talks and oral/poster contributions from PhD students and PDRAs.

Invited speakers:

Dr. Jorg Zegenhagen (Diamond Light Source): "The world of surface studies with synchrotron radiation in 25 minutes"

Prof. Chris Lucas (University of Liverpool): "Studies of the electrochemical interface"

Dr. Georg Held (University of Reading): "Photoelectron spectroscopy under ambient pressure conditions"

The event is organised and sponsored by the XMaS beamline, RSC (Solid Surfaces Group), UK's Institute of Physics (Thin Films and Surfaces Group). It is co-sponsored by SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH.

Program: Surface Science with Synchrotron Radiation Workshop 2014

Venue: Burlington House, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Cost: £30.

Registration: Please e-mail to register.

Registration must be confirmed by Friday 13th December, 2013

Contact: For further information on the workshop, please contact or