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Common Room & Workspaces

Common Room

The Common room is for the use of the following student groups: Chemistry PGT students, AS & MAS CDT students, IBR MRC DTP MSc students, PhD students attending Transferable Skills courses and all staff associated with these groups.

The kitchen and common room are a great asset and we have a shared responsibility to keep these spaces clean.

Social distancing and masks

Users are encouraged to maintain social distancing and to wear masks while moving about in indoor spaces.


  • All users should clean surfaces used/touched with wipes provided
  • All rubbish should be placed straight into the bin and not left for others to tidy away
  • Cups and eating utensils should be placed in the dishwasher. Items should not be left to dry on the dishracks.

Dishwashers/coffee: Please put your used crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher and take your turn in emptying the dishwasher/putting the dishwasher on/ making coffee etc. Don’t forget the cutlery tray!

Provisions: The tea, coffee and biscuits are available for all members of the common room. Please do not help yourself to more than your share.

Fridges: The two small under-counter fridges are for student use - please do not put anything in the large fridge, it is for seminar food and milk only. Please do not help yourself to food from this fridge as it's for seminars and Transferable Skills courses only.

Milk: The milk in the big fridge is for tea and coffee only, please do not use for breakfast cereal or other meals because we will not have enough to go round. If you use the last of the milk please let the CDT Admin Office know immediately, so we can get more.

Food allergies: Please respect health and safety; we have people in the centre with serious allergies (lemons, nuts, blue cheese), if you consume any known allergens within the centre, can you please make sure you thoroughly clean up after, and please do not store any of these food items in shared cupboards and fridges.

Catering: There is often catered food around for events – please do not help yourself unless invited to do so. The exception to this is the seminar lunch which is available for anyone attending the seminar, just remember - the speaker goes first in the queue!

Breakages: Please report any breakages so that we can arrange replacements.

Conversations: Please remember the Dignity at Warwick policy. Ensuring our Common Room is inclusive and welcoming.

Safety: If you see someone around that is not part of the centre do challenge them (politely!) Do not leave laptops lying around unattended. If there is an emergency please call 22222 from an office phone or 024 7652 2222 from a mobile. Campus Security has more information.

Workroom Rules

Each course or cohort has hotdesk space in the centre. We are not able to provide an individual desk for each person but the workrooms and seminar/meeting room should provide room for everyone.

Please remember that work rooms are for working! Be courteous to those working around you.

Noise: Please keep noise levels to a minimum.

Tidiness: Workrooms should be kept clean and tidy. Dispose of your rubbish using the bins provided. Do not store belongings, there are lockable cabinets available if you require storage space.

Work: Please use the rooms for working only. Please use other spaces for social and personal gaming.

Space: Please make sure everyone feels welcome in the workrooms. There will be some students who do not have any space in their research group and will therefore be allowed an allocated desk as space allows.

End workroom: The end workroom is specifically designated for students writing up in their final year. If you require use of the space as your writing up period is approaching, please speak with a member of the CDT Admin Team.