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Mark Crossman

Current Research

My current research foucses on the development of a new reaction vessel for the application of using neutron scattering to study the formation of crystalline products formed via solvothermal synthesis in situ aiming to look at the formation of crystalline intermediates, reaction pathways, magnetic structure formation and kenetic information of a given reaction. I am supervised by both Richard WaltonLink opens in a new window at Warwick and Helen PlayfordLink opens in a new window at ISIS and funded under an ISIS development studentship and by the University of Warwick.

As part of my PhD within the Walton group I frequently use many of the available XRD machines available under the Warwick X-ray Diffraction facility RTPLink opens in a new window and occasionally use other techniques such as SEM. Mainly my work sees me using neutron beamline instruments so far being both Polaris on TS1 and NIMROD on TS2 working in collaboration with the beamline scientists on these beamline instruments.

My current work consists of 3 major projects:

  • Study of strontium ruthenate synthesis (SrRu2O6) on Polaris
  • Study of zeolite LTA and SOD synthesis and conversion on NIMROD
  • Additional exploratory work for potentially interesting systems to study in situ.

Academic Background

PhD, University of Warwick 2019 - 2023
MChem in Chemistry, University of Warwick 2015 - 2019


RSC poster prize, Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference 2023