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Innovation and R&D at UHCW

Applicants are invited to apply for an Analytical Sciences CDT joint MSc and PhD (1+3 route) focused on Innovation and Research and Development at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. Applicants will have a choice of mini-research projects and PhD projects in the areas of:

Innovation at UHCW


Dr. Tara Schiller (WMG)

Area: Materials Characterisation through the length scales for medical applications

Project: High-resolution characterisation of vulnerable and stable plaques for better diagnostic tools

Collaborators: Chris Imray (Vascular Surgery) and Sean James (Tissue Bank)


Dr. Jerome Charmet (WMG)

Area: Development of integrated microfluidic platforms for organs on a chip or diagnostics.

Project: Engineering of Protein Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Applications using Microfluidics and 3D printing

Collaborators: Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam (Surgery) and Joe Hardwicke (Surgery and UHCW Innovation Lead)


Dr. Jon Duffy (Physics)

Area: Advanced analytical techniques applied to medical physics

Project: Novel patient-specific radiotherapy

Collaborators: Dr John Sage (Head of Radiotherapy Physics)


Dr. Joanna Collingwood

Area: Trace metals in medicine

Project: Element-specific detection of iron and other metals in human tissue with dual energy CT, Developing capacity for quantitative susceptibility measurement in human brain using MRI, Optimizing sequences for evaluation of iron deposition in multiple sclerosis using MRI

Collaborators: Charles Hutchinson (Radiology) and Sarah Whyte (radiology)