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Cruickshank Poster Prize for Stephen at the BCA conference!

Stephen wins a Poster prize at the British Crystallography Association conference!

Wed 12 Apr 2023, 09:26 | Tags: Prize, Group

New PhD opportunities

The group has two fully funded PhD opportunities open for applicants.

Come join our team to use Warwick's state-of-the-art electron diffractometer to study reactivity in porous crystalline materials and MOFs

or work with us and Prof. Nick Hine to study the electronic structure of photoactive Fe-oxo clusters using advanced computational methods.

Fri 24 Mar 2023, 19:58 | Tags: Funding

Paper in Chem. Sci.

Congratulations to Stephen (PhD), Ioanna (MSc), Ryan (MChem) and Tom (PhD) for all contributing to this project recently published in Chemical Science! The study, with collaborators from Warwick Physics and Vrijes Universiteit Brussel, explores the photoactivation of Ti-oxo clusters, with straightforward routes to isolating highly reducing mixed-valent Ti-oxo clusters via a 2-electron (not free radical) pathway. These are easily oxidised under O2, resulting in a peroxide cluster.

Thu 15 Dec 2022, 12:03 | Tags: Publication

Tom's paper out in ChemComm!

Congratulations to Tom (PhD student) and Jack (prevous Masters student) who's work has been published in ChemComm. This article describes the synthesis of a new Cu31-oxo cluster, the largest cu-oxo cluster known with only O-donor ligands. This structure has a condensed Cu+O core making it similar to a CuO nanoparticle. A size-colour relationship is observed in Cu-oxo clusters showing how they smoothly transform from small Cu coordination complexes (blue) into larger clusters (green/yellow) before finally reaching nanoparticles (brown).

Thu 01 Dec 2022, 13:21 | Tags: Publication

Previous group member Haijiao wins prestigious DECRA fellowship in Australia

Haijiao (previous PhD student in the group) has been awarded a prestigious Discovery Early Career Researcher Award from the Australian Research Council to start an independent research project at the University of Queensland. Massive congratulations to Haijiao and we look forward to following her exciting work on catalytic CO2 reduction.

Thu 22 Sep 2022, 10:14 | Tags: Funding, Group

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