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Strategic vision


We will use our strength in fundamental research to pioneer new research areas, including those at the interfaces with other disciplines.

We aim to carry out internationally leading research across our research themes. Our current research themes are Energy, Biomedical Engineering and Sustainable Cities. Underpinning our research themes we have strengths and skills in the core Engineering fields of sensors, power, communications, structures and materials, geotechnics and tunnelling, fluid dynamics, systems modelling, precision mechanics and process and chemical engineering.


We will offer an excellent and innovative research-led curriculum that meets the expectations of students, industry and other stakeholders.

We aim to enhance our successful and innovative undergraduate course, to work to improve the student experience and develop our MSc portfolio. We will maintain and develop relevant course material which is effectively and excitingly taught, reviewing our portfolio regularly and extending it where appropriate, and provide high quality teaching and learning spaces. We will ensure that our teaching is informed by our research and meets the expectations of students, industry, accreditation bodies and other stakeholders, and that it is consistent with the University’s strategy on teaching.


We will engage strongly with industry and other users across our teaching and research, building on our track record and creating new opportunities.

We aim to interact with and be responsive to the needs of employers of engineers and users of engineering research. We will apply engineering knowledge in industry and other user organisations: directly through funded research and development, and indirectly by exchanging knowledge through people, intellectual property and other appropriate mechanisms.

Management, infrastructure and organisation

In support of the above strategy we endeavour to provide effective administration, management, resourcing and infrastructure to enable colleagues to undertake their work efficiently and effectively.

The health, safety and well-being of all staff and students is a primary objective. Our aim is to make a visible commitment to organisational health & safety and we recognise that everyone has an important role to play in keeping us safe. Through the School and the University, the necessary health and safety training will be provided. We expect visitors to our facilities to uphold these values and will support them in doing so by providing appropriate information. Similarly, we expect our collaborators to maintain equivalent standards when our staff and students visit their facilities.