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Academic and Research Staff

Abolfathi, Soroush (Dr)Assistant Professor
Agbroko, Sam (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Agg, Chloe (Mrs)Senior Teaching Fellow
Alatise, Layi (Professor)Professor in Power Electronics (Director of MSc Programmes) Royal Society Industry Fellow
Amato, Silvio (Mr)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Antoniou, Marina (Dr)Associate Professor
Ashley, Tim (Professor)Professorial Fellow (Director of Graduate Studies)
Astolfi, Lorenzo (Mr)
Atkinson, James (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Bartok-Partay, Albert (Dr)Assistant Professor
Bates, Declan (Professor)Professor
Billson, Duncan (Dr)Associate Professor
Bloodworth, Alan (Dr)Principal Teaching Fellow
Britnell, Dave (Dr)Senior Tutor
Brommer, Peter (Dr)Associate Professor
Brooks , Jake (Mr)
Chappell, Michael (Professor)Professor
Chen, Haodong (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
Chen, Yunfei (Dr)Associate Professor
Cherkasov, Nikolay (Dr)Warwick Zeeman Lecturer
Chetwynd, Derek (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Chung, Yongmann (Dr)Associate Professor
Cole, Marina (Professor)Professor
Collingwood, Joanna (Dr)Chair
Cooke, Gill (Professor)Professor and Head of Teaching
Covington, James (Professor)Professor in Electronic Engineering
Critoph, Robert (Professor)Professor (Head of Sustainable Energy Engineering & Design Research Group)
Crouch, Mark (Dr)Science City Facilities Manager
Daaoub, Abdalghani (Mr)Research Assistant
Dai, Dai (Tianxiang) (Mr)Honorary Research Fellow
Darlington, Alexander (Dr)Research Fellow
Das, Anup (Dr)Research Fellow
Daulton, Emma (Dr)Research Fellow
Davis, Lee (Dr)Experimental Officer
Degirmenci, Volkan (Dr)Associate Professor
Denissenko, Petr (Dr)Associate Professor
Dixon, Steven (Professor)Professor - Chair of Industrial Ultrasonics
Dong, Hongyang (Dr)Research Fellow
Dooner, Mark (Dr)Research and Teaching Fellow
Eddie, Colin (Professor)Professor of Practice
Edrah, Mohamed (Dr)Research Fellow
Esfahani, Siavash (Dr)Research Fellow
Evans, Neil (Dr)Reader
Fahmy, Suhaib (Dr)Reader in Computer Engineering
Fowmes , Gary (Dr)Associate Professor / Operations Director (Taught Programmes)
Gammon, Peter (Dr)Associate Professor
Garcia, Reyes (Dr)Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering
Gardner, Julian (Professor)Professor of Electronic Engineering
Geng, Xueyu (Dr)Associate Professor
Gironacci, Elia (Dr)Senior Teaching Fellow
Godfrey, Keith (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Grant, Nicholas (Dr)Assistant Professor
Graziosi, Patrizio (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
Green, Roger (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Haleem, Muhammad Salman (Dr)Senior Research Fellow
Han, Wenhu (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
He, Wei (Dr)RAEng Engineering for Development Research Follow
Hessel, Volker (Professor)Professor
Hicks, Stephen (Professor)Professor in Civil Engineering
Hou, Lei (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
Hu, Zedong (Catherine) (Dr)Research Fellow
Huang, Tian (Professor)Part-time Professor
Huang, Yubo (Mr)
Humphreys, John (Mr)Research Assistant
Hutchins, David (Professor)Professor
Iliescu, Daciana (Dr)Principal Teaching Fellow / Admissions and Widening Participation Manager
James, Christopher (Professor)Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Jimoh, Modupe (Dr)Senior Teaching Fellow (Civil & Humanitarian Engineering)
Johnson, Roger (Professor)Professor
Jones, Peter (Dr)Emeritus Reader
Kermode, James (Dr)Reader
Kerr, Robert (Professor)Professor
Khorani, Edris (Dr)Research Fellow
Khovanov, Igor (Dr)Associate Professor
Khovanova, Natasha (Dr)Reader
Kiselychnyk, Oleh (Dr)Associate Professor
Kremmyda, Georgia (Professor)Professor / Director of Student Recruitment
Kucukler, Merih (Dr)Assistant Professor
Kulkarni, Vishwesh (Dr)Assistant Professor
Kutsch, Elmar
Lachichi, Amel (Dr)Research Fellow
Lai, Khue Tian (Dr)Research Fellow
Lakshminarayana, Subhash (Dr)Assistant Professor
Laory, Irwanda (Dr)Associate Professor
Leeson, Mark (Dr)Reader
Leigh, Simon (Dr)Associate Professor
Lewis, Wanda (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Li, Dacheng (Dr)research Fellow
Li, Fan (Dr)Research Assistant
Li, Juan (Ms)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Li, Shengcai (Dr)Hon. Professor (Leader of Cavitation Research Group)
Li, Sirui (Dr)Research Fellow
Lillington, Richard (Dr)Reader
Liu, Bochuan (Dr)Research Fellow
Liu, Isaac (Dr)Associate Professor (Reader)
Liu, Xianping (Professor)Professor / Discipline Stream Leader for Mechanical and Process
Locke, Jake (Mr)Facilities Manager
Lockerby, Duncan (Professor)Head of Research / Deputy Head of School
Mannan, Ahmad (Dr)Research Fellow
Mao, Ken (Dr)Associate Professor (Reader)
Marin Aguirre, Paula (Dr)
Mawby, Philip (Professor)Professor
Metcalf, Steven (Dr)Associate Professor (Research)
Mias, Christos (Dr)Associate Professor
Mifsud, Jacqueline-Marie (Miss)Research Assistant
Montague, Ryan (Dr)Senior Teaching Fellow
Moss, Roger (Dr)Research Fellow
Mottram, Toby (Professor)Professor (Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering) / Deputy Head of School
Mousavi Nezhad, Mohaddeseh (Dr)Associate Professor
Murphy, John (Professor)Professor of Electronic Materials
Neophytou, Neophytos (Dr)Professor
Nguyen, Long (Dr)Research Fellow
Ni, Jing (Dr)Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow
Nikitin, Sasha (Dr)Research Fellow
Noel, Adam (Dr)Assistant Professor
Onat, Berk (Dr)
Ortiz-Gonzalez, Jose (Dr)Assistant Professor
Osorio Tejada, Jose (Dr)Research Fellow
Pagliara , Silvio (Dr)Research Fellow
Pearson, Jonathan (Dr)Associate Professor
Pecchia, Leandro (Dr)Reader
Piaggio, Davide (Mr)
Popham, Thomas (Dr)Associate Professor
Pourali , Nima (Dr)Research Fellow
Price, Tony (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Priyadarshi, Pankaj (Dr)Research Fellow
Purssell, Christopher (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Ran, Li (Professor)Professor of Electrical Power
Rebrov, Evgeny (Professor)Professor
Ren, Zhaoxin (Dr)Research Fellow
Rezaei, Alireza (Dr)Senior Teaching Fellow
Rezania, Mohammad (Dr)Associate Professor
Rivero Pacho, Angeles (Dr)Senior Research Fellow & Project Manager
Rong, Xiaoyun (Dr)Research Fellow
Russell, Justin (Dr)Senior Teaching Fellow
Sadeghi, Hatef (Dr)Assistant Professor
Sangtarash, Sara (Dr)Assistant Professor
Shah, Priyank (Mr)Research Assistant
Shah, Vishal (Dr)Associate Professor
Shelke, Ashish (Dr)Research Fellow
Shire, Stan (Dr)Associate Professor
Stocks, Nigel (Professor)Professor
Sullivan, Tim (Professor)Assistant Professor
Sun, Li (Dr)
Tamainot-Telto, Zacharie (Dr)Associate Professor
Tao, Shanwen (Professor)Professor
Thandassery Sumithran, Nidhin (Dr)Research Fellow
Thomas, Peter (Professor)Professor (Director of Fluid Dynamics Research Centre)
Thomas, Terry (Dr)Senior Lecturer
Tian, Yanling (Dr)Associate Professor
Tjahjadi, Tardi (Dr)Reader
Towers, Catherine (Dr)Principal Research Fellow
Towers, David (Professor)Head of School
Uzunova, Veselina (Dr)Research Fellow
van Veen, Andre (Professor)Professor of Chemical Engineering
Vargiamidis, Vasileios (Dr)Research Fellow
Vavasour, Oliver (Dr)Research Fellow
Vendra, Chandra (Dr)Research Fellow
Vo, Thanh (Dr)Research Fellow
Wang, Jihong (Professor)Professor of Electrical Power Engineering
Wang, Yinan (Dr)Leverhulme Trust Fellow
Weber Wachter, Eduardo (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Wen, Jennifer (Professor)Professor of Engineering and Head of Warwick FIRE
Whitehouse, David (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Wu, Robert (Ruizhu) (Mr)Research Assistant
Xing, Yuxin (Miss)Research Fellow
Xu, Baopeng (Dr)Research Fellow
Xu, Tianhua (Dr)Assistant Professor
Zhang, Jincheng (Mr)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Zhang, Mengfei (Dr)Research Fellow
Zhang, Yixin (Mr)Research Assistant
Zhang, Zuan (Mr)
Zhao, Chengxi (Mr)
Zhao, Xiaowei (Professor)Professor of Control Engineering


Support Staff