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EVGP - Our Kart

Our Philosophy - Green, Reliable, Efficient!

To improve on last years kart design and implement design changes to facilitate these improvements. Our improvements can be split into two clear aims; weight loss and power train optimisation.

kart at bedford

Below are the details of last years champion kart, including specifications and areas of particular importance. You will find further details of our aims here.

Material Efficiency

Usage of minimal materials saves in manufacturing costs, the environmental impact, and improves the efficiency of the kart on the race circuit.


Green Composite Seat / Bodywork

Bringing green materials to the motorsport world, organic composite bodywork panels and seat both provide safety and protection for the driver and wider audience, and improve aesthetics of the kart.


Motor Technology

High efficiency brushless DC motor giving high torque, speed and power with zero emissions.


Integrated Electronics

The driver can communicate directly with the pit team, providing information on performance and the kart. Sensors detect levels of forces experienced by the kart output as telemetry, enabling further refinement and optimization of the kart.


Battery Trays

Ergonomically designed battery trays allow the shortest possible battery change over times in the pits. Saving seconds makes a difference in the overall outcome of the race.


Battery Specifications

The kart is powered by 22 lightweight and high energy Lithium-Iron Phosphate cells.



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