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2012 News Archive

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With this years teams preparations now underway, check out how events unfolded over in the USA for last years team. See their Daily Blogs below:

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Day 11 - No speeding... Accidents do happen!

Day after day, testing continues at the Purdue track.


Trying to fine-tune the performance of the kart and completely remove the cut out issue, limits were taken away from the controller program, meaning the kart's speed is not restricted anymore.


The tyre pressure were lowered to help the handling. However, this made the first corner very interesting, increasing the bouncing and eventually...

Tom and his kart went a little off from the track, and ran themselves into the hay bales...


Ouch!!! After initial inspection, the steering column appeared to be bent...



A spare column was put onto the kart to continue the test-drive.
Here's a new video clip recorded by the new onboard Go-Pro camera we've purchased a few days ago.

We will be stripping down the kart to give it a complete check as well as making a few improvements tomorrow!

On a side note, our team was invited to appear on IndyStyle morning talk show on WISH-TV (CBS Indianapolis, Channel 8) at 9am ET on 7th May (Monday). Remember to tune in and watch Tom and his fellows introduced their kart in detail!

Sat 05 May 2012, 02:33

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