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2012 News Archive

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With this years teams preparations now underway, check out how events unfolded over in the USA for last years team. See their Daily Blogs below:

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Day 16/17 - Counting Down...

It's getting closer and closer... both the Indianapolis event and our final exams.
Feeling the heat, huh?

To get things done ahead of schedule, another 11-hour shift was completed by the team today.


Entering the campus at around 9am, a video-conference with the team members back in Warwick was held to prepare for the academic presentation happening this Thursday. A cloud-based presentation show was getting ready and we discussed about the details and arrangements.



After that, a quick meeting in the pits to discuss the remaining tasks need to be done prior to the afternoon testing.

At this point, we realised it was 12:30pm so lunch was on the cards. We all headed over to the Student Union and had a team building lunch together. Great fun!

Back at the pits working on the kart afterwards, we made it to the track again at 3pm.



Following the days of effort in tuning around the settings of the controller program, we finally managed to achieve at least 40 laps without experiencing any cut out issues.

Beware everyone at Indianapolis! Our beast is approaching fast!!

We also had some new parts attached to our kart. Take a look:


Black Box and a huge red flasher~

The new Go-Pro camera for latest footages...


Not to forget a few Purdue stickers to show our continue building of ties with them!

As time's getting late, we decided to get a rest back at the motel.

Day 17 was reserved for some revision work. It might not be related to our project but it's important to get well prepared...

On a side note, we are delighted to grab the attention of our University. Our team's achievement is being mentioned and advertised in the University's homepage, as well as WMG's and the School of Engineering's website.

Thank you for all your support again... and help us spread the news to your friends!!

Thu 10 May 2012, 03:20

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