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2012 News Archive

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Day 18/19 - One more step closer...

Re-tuned with some new sprockets and chains, our kart was ready to go.

Some furious packing took place the night before, as we need to be registered at the venue at 9am on Friday (Day 19).



Even with only a few hours of sleep, we were all too excited to be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

A busy day ahead...

9am - Registration
1pm - 2 hour Practice Time
3pm - Qualification!!!

We were there sharp at 9am. Quick registration was done but our kart was only half way to the venue. So we decided to go for a quick tour around the famous Motor Speedway and its museum.




Being amazed by the world-class race track, we came back to unload the kart and did some final checks.


With our full confidence, it went through the technical inspection like a dream with no difficulties at all.


As you could tell from the pic, it was a boiling hot day!
Figures never lie. Our battery cells were measured to be at 35 degrees, even before we started racing.

A contingency plan (extra pit stops) was drafted just in case they go overheated in the race...

After that, we rolled our kart to the pit lane and set up there. Tom had a few practice laps and immediately notice the awful track condition. To get decent lap times, we need to change to gripper tyres.



Besides our own kart, Jon planned on joining the race with a Purdue-Warwick kart. Despite everything looking good, he wasn't able to qualify unfortunately due to some electronics issue...


Qualification consisted of one warm up lap and two timed flying laps. Following the Purdue EVC (winner of the first event), a few teams including one of the favourites, University of Oklahoma, went out and showed some good timings.

It wasn't too much waiting before Tom's turn to burn the track. He went out and set a stunning time in his first flying lap, also the first driver to go under 22 seconds!! EVC tried again after their crash in the first lap. It was close, but it wasn't enough.

So, we secured the Pole on the grid for tomorrow's race! A great start leading to a perfect finish... hopefully?

Top 5 Qualifying Times:

Warwick EVGP: 21.46s
Purdue EVC: 21.67s
IUPUI Energy: 22.20s
Oklahoma Uni: 22.52s
Owen Community College: 23.43s


After being qualified, we didn't do anymore practice aiming to preserve the kart for tomorrow's race, mainly because the track was so rough that it was potentially dangerous to run on it more than necessary.

Stay tuned tomorrow!!! Follow us on Twitter (@warwick_evgp) for the most updated news during the race!!!

Sat 12 May 2012, 02:39

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