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EVGP - Our Improvements

After a successful competition last year, and with a good base to work from we have split our improvements, and therefore the team into chassis and powertrain.


The main aim of the chassis team is to reduce the overall weight of the kart as well as optimising the distribution of weight from side to side and front to back. Weight savings will be achieved through a switch to new materials, in many cases the use of titanium or thin plate steel, or by a redesign of parts. Handling and functionality of parts, in terms of ease of replacement during the race must also be considered alongside the need to add protection for the chassis and battery packs. Alongside performance criteria we are always looking to improve the eco-friendliness of the vehicle so the use of new green materials is encouraged where possible.

The powertrain team will be focusing on the optimisation of energy storage and supply to the motor. Included in this is matching of battery cells to ensure an even torque curve, this allows predictability during acceleration. We are also looking at regenerative braking as a possible means of saving weight, or simply entering the race with less energy, an eco concern. Tuning of the motor is also of great importance and the power train team will be running tests on the dyno so that our speed controller can be properly programmed.

Details of each sections improvements can be found here:

Chassis Improvements

Powertrain Optimisation

Testing and Analysis

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